We work with forward-thinking businesses to implement wellness plans that increase staff engagement, productivity and longevity.

The consultancy works holistically, from physical and nutritional health to mental wellbeing through mindfulness, meditation and stress management, as well as leadership and goal setting for senior teams.

Harry has personally hosted wellbeing talks and workshops for leading teams at Twitter, ITV and ASOS and has curated one-on-one fitness training from leaders at Quintessentially, Chelsea Football Club & The Soho House Group.

All partnerships begin with the HJC team’s brand immersion workshop and analysis of needs, to create a bespoke programme, allowing companies to empower and support their staff to lead healthier lifestyles.

Services offered include:

  • Gym and Fitness Studio Design

  • Data-driven Stress, Nutrition and Sleep analysis

  • Business Travel & Jet Lag Strategies

  • Staff Canteen Menu Consultation

  • On-Site Nutritionists and Dieticians

  • On-Site Osteopathy, Chiropractor & Acupuncture

  • Training Senior Teams in the Wellness Strategy

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Hotels + Property

HJC has extensive experience working with hotel and property companies, allowing them to tap into the booming wellness travel and tourism sector with scalable, world-class offerings that become part of their brand DNA.

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Food + Drink

HJC helps brands, chefs and restauranteurs navigate trends, grow consumer trust and engagement through nutritious and responsible food choices, and implement holistic health offerings for their consumers.